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In conversation with authors and travellers Peter FiennesJulian Hoffman and Michael Vatikiotis

Double Event – The Art of Being Human and Journeys To The Greeks

Fri, 23 September 2022

19:00 – 22:00 EEST

Capodistrias Museum – Kapodistrias Museum

Evrapouli Village, Koukouritsa, 491 00 Evropouli



The evening’s events will commence with award winning novelist Evie Wyld reading a new short story commissioned for the Corfu Literary Festival

The Art of Being Human 

Matt Haig, author of bestsellers The Midnight LibraryHow To Stop Time and Reasons to Stay Alive amongst other titles, in conversation with Anthony McGowan, prolific children’s and YA author, as well as writer of adult novels and non fiction. Tony won the Carnegie Gold Medal for his book, Lark, and dazzled the Festival in 2019 at this location, presenting How To Teach Philosophy To Your Dog 


Journeys To The Greeks

​Why, in the era of online tourist advice, do we still need and love travel writing? And why and how has Greece so seeped into our consciousness?

How has this small country and its mythology so deeply enmeshed itself into the hearts and souls of people around the world? Why does Greece so capture our imaginations and what is the Greek spirit? Authors and travellers Peter FiennesJulian Hoffman and Michael Vatikiotis in conversation with Sofka Zinovieff



Sitting atop the Capodistrias Estate’s hill, catching the evening breeze under an enchanted tree canopy, enjoy a glass of wine or Corfu Beer at the Museum’s delightful terrace bar and cafe.