Posted on: 07-07-2021 | Category: Podcast

From ancient philosophers and open-air cinema to protest marches and street dogs, this episode ponders on the penchant for protesting, and also how much of Athenian life happens outside.



© Thomas Gravanis


Legendary Guardian correspondent Helena Smith on the many demonstrations and celebrations that have occurred – throughout the centuries – in Syntagma (Constitution) Square.

Photo: Lara Papadimitriou


Foteini Pipi on Athens Pride and changing attitudes towards the LGBTQ community

Photo: Michalis Kamakas


Architect Stavros Marinos unpacks the political & cultural significance of Athens’ Polytechnic & the edgy neighbourhood of Exarchia.

Photo: Lara Papadimitriou


Writer & Journalist Bruce Clark gives the long view back to Socrates and compares Athenian street life then and now.


Anna Gagga talks summer concerts at Technopolis, the former gasworks.

Photo: Lara Papadimitriou


And we hear the confessions of a dedicated graffiti ‘tagger’.