Greek News Agenda. London’s Hellenic Centre hosted a book presentation of The House on Paradise Street
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Monday, July 2, 2012

The House on Paradise Street
London’s Hellenic Centre hosted, on June 20, a book presentation of Sofka Zinovieff’s The House on Paradise Street.

The event was organized by the Press and Communications Office of the Embassy of Greece in London in collaboration with the publishing firm Short Books.

Embassy of Greece in London Cultural Counsellor Dr. Victoria Solomonidis presented the author and her relationship with Greece and referred briefly to the contents of the book.


Through the story of one family, the House on Paradise Street is really a journey into Greece’s modern  history, depicting the turbulent years that followed the German occupation, the civil war and the dictatorship up to modern times. Zinovieff read excerpts from her book and accepted questions from the public concerning its plot, the connection of her family to Greece as well as the country’s influence on her writing.


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