Lunches LIVE: at the Bloomsbury Institute
Posted on: 13-06-2018 | Category: Events

Sofka Zinovieff at the Bloomsbury Institute

Monday, July 9th from 1pm (GMT) | Watch it live via Bloomsbury’s Facebook Page

Watch live as Sofka Zinovieff joins us at Bloomsbury HQ for an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview with her editor  and before Bloomsbury staff about the writing, research and imagination that went into creating her bold and thought-provoking novel, Putney.


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“The ultimate taboo brought to life in a way that’s thrillingly disturbing and evocative. I couldn’t leave it” – Mary Portas


“I read it at one go, unable to put it down, until 2am … It’s remarkable, a brilliant novel, jolting and shocking and right” – Michèle Roberts 


“This is a really important book. I loved it. Thought provoking, emotionally complex, and tackling the topic of the day – the blurred area between consent and abuse” – Esther Freud