Wantage (not just) Betjeman Literary Festival
Posted on: 09-10-2014 | Category: Events

Tuesday October 28th, 2 pm

If you have visited Faringdon Folly and enjoyed the four-and-twenty blackbirds and their pie nestled in the trees, you must come to this talk by the grand-daughter of Robert Heber Percy, the eponymous  Mad Boy, and long-time companion of eccentric Lord Berners. The two were irrepressible enough, indulging in exquisite food and practical jokes and cavorting with the likes of Salvador Dali and Siegfried Sassoon, without Heber Percy introducing Zinovieff’s grandmother, a pregnant Jennifer Fry into the household to create a notorious ménage à trois,

Sofka Zinovieff first encountered Faringdon at the age of 17 when Robert was living there alone, having been gifted the place by Berners on his death in 1950. She, in her turn, was left the house by her grandfather Robert and, after many years abroad, is returning to live there.

An acclaimed authorMad Boy jacket who studied social anthropology at Cambridge, Zinovieff brings to life a vanished world of decadence and High Bohemia, and the wild lives of the fantastical people who lived in it.